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A Japanese Budget Airline Has Apologized For Making A Disabled Passenger Crawl Onto A Plane
Sep 16, 2017

An electric wheelchair for stairs that can climb most stairs, including spiral staircases, has been developed by Zurich-based students. We have two main wheels, two large wheels to drive around on the flat ground in a balancing mode like a Segway. And then we have two rubber tracks which we can extend to the angle of the stairs and let the wheelchair be always upright on every angle on the stairs."

A budget airline in Japan has apologized for making a disabled passenger crawl up a set of stairs to board an aircraft earlier this month.These enable users to move about without exerting effort. Some have extra features like tilting, reclining seats and leg elevators. These wheelchairs are suitable for those with weak upper bodies.

Vanilla Air staff told Hideto Kijima that they would only let him onto his flight from Amami back to Osaka on June 5 if he could make it up the gangway unassisted, BBC reports. Kijima, who runs a non-profit cataloging accessibility issues for tourists to Japan, was paralyzed from the waist down following a school rugby injury. Before buying a wheelchair, one should consider the user's weight and physique, said Ms Puni- thamani. "Standard wheelchairs can safely bear about 110kg of weight and exceeding it can be dangerous," she said.

That is why obese users should use bariatric wheelchairs as these are made of reinforced steel, aluminium or titanium and can handle up to 450kg in weight.

The width of the wheelchair seat should also be considered. A petite user, for example, may have trouble reaching for the rims of a manual wheelchair if the seat is too wide.

During the first leg of Kijima's journey, his friends helped him board the aircraft. But on his return employees said he was not allowed to receive help for safety reasons, and he proceeded to drag himself up the gangway's 17 steps.

The airline's chief of personnel has since apologized to Kijima and promised changes to improve their handling of disabled passengers.

Wheelchair Stair Climber is an exercise machine on which helps wheel chair go upstairs or downstairs. These machines makes wheelchair climbing the stairs easily.

These machines generally have two types, automatic and manual. Manual wheelchair need other people behind the wheel to control the climber while automatic climber can climb the stair by itself.

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