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Camping Cot Convenient To Those Who Like Camping
Jun 09, 2017

For those who like adventure, outdoor sports travelers, Camping Cot is the best way, for those who like the ease of travel, the choice of star hotel is a better choice. California's AutoCamp is a hotel brand that combines the two, so that the combination of two different ways of accommodation, that is, travelers with different needs, and a very interesting combination.

After a lot of friends into the industry, such as some off-road, outdoor enthusiasts, that RV Camping Cot in the country should also develop well, began to do some attempts, such as from the enterprise point of view, from the service point of view how to build up the industry. This group of people is also a promoter of China's early Camping Cot industry, but their problem is that professionalism or business thinking is not so precise.

Recently, I and through the town in-depth cooperation after the discovery, such as home camp thinking is very fine, such as home to the chain can be made into a chain, the underground investment, how many need to do, each camp price Is how much, to maintain the number of occupancy rate, the operation team must achieve how much performance, in fact, everything is closely related. If the home of this model to do camp, in fact, do not make money is also very difficult

In fact, the development of China's camp industry has more than ten years time, but generally put Premier Li Keqiang 2014 in the State Council executive meeting speech as the first year. After the promotion of Camping Cot in order to promote the country have issued a number of documents.

2013 is responsible for the CITIC capital car project, when China's RV Camping Cot industry is very simple, 2000 car can be leveraging the entire market. In the letter we made a very interesting report, on the Chinese car industry when to enter a burst point? We believe that when the number of car ownership more than 10 million units, but also China's one-way car into the explosive point of time. However, later because of work and other reasons to terminate the cause, and later moved to Chery.

Unlike other entrants, Chery reconsidered and defined the industry from the perspective of the car. When Zijia You become a common phenomenon, the scenic area is to do to expand the parking lot, the generation of parking lots far from the attractions. And Chery through accurate analysis to make judgments, in the construction of camps, to let each one free ride from the car, parking convenience.

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