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Stair Lift Reduce The Time To Stop The Elevator, Improve The Quality Of Service
Jun 09, 2017

Some experts predict who first introduced green products and seize the market, who will grasp the initiative in the market competition. Development trends are as follows: continuous improvement of product design, production environment-friendly low-power, low noise, no oil, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference, no road guide rail grease pollution of the Stair Lift. Stair Lift traction using nylon synthetic fiber traction rope, steel belt and other non-lubricating oil pollution traction way. Stair Lift decoration will use no (less) environmental pollution materials. Lifting and regenerative technology of regenerative and regenerative of motor. The installation of the Stair Lift will not require the installation of a tripod. Stair Lift parts in the production and use of the environment has no effect (such as brake pads must not use asbestos) and the material is recyclable. (2) drive system using permanent magnet synchronous no-tooth traction machine. As the permanent magnet synchronous non-toothed traction machine with the traditional worm, worm drive traction machine has the following advantages: a) permanent magnet synchronous no-tooth traction machine is a direct drive, no worm, worm drive, permanent magnet synchronous The main material of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is the high energy density of high residual magnetic induction and high coercivity of neodymium iron boron, the air gap magnetic density is generally 0.75t Above, so you can do small size and light weight. B) high transmission efficiency. As a result of the use of permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive (no worm gear drive vice) its transmission efficiency can be increased by 20% to 30%. C) Permanent magnet synchronous non-toothed traction machine Since there is no asynchronous motor in the high-speed operation of the bearing noise and the absence of worm gear contact transmission noise, so the machine noise can be reduced by 5 ~ 10db (a) The D) low energy consumption. From the working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor can be seen that the excitation is achieved by the permanent magnet, no need to provide additional stator excitation current, so the motor power factor can reach a high (theoretically can reach 1). At the same time permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor without current through, there is no rotor wear problem. Generally lower than the asynchronous motor 45% to 60% loss. Because there is no low efficiency, high energy consumption worm gear drive vice, energy consumption is further reduced. E) Permanent magnet synchronous no-tooth traction machine Since there is no tooth profile wear problem and no need to regularly replace the lubricating oil, so its long life, and basically no maintenance. In the near future if the cost of permanent magnet synchronous motor can be solved as soon as possible, the permanent magnet synchronous non-toothed traction machine will replace the traction machine composed of the worm gear drive auxiliary motor. Of course, the future superconducting power drag technology and magnetic levitation drive technology will also be applied in the Stair Lift. 3) Stair Lift industry will be information technology, network. How the Stair Lift control system combined with the network technology will be the mainstream trend of the future Stair Lift design. In the 21st century today how to provide customer satisfaction products and services has become related to the survival and death of various enterprises. Stair Lift Internet access to ensure that customers provide a better overall service. In the future the major brand manufacturers in order to survive and develop in the public network system will establish their own Stair Lift site (Stair Lift dedicated platform), which is one of the only way, the Stair Lift is mainly to achieve the following functions: a) with the network to monitor all the Stair Lifts to ensure that Stair Lift safe operation to ensure passenger safety. When the Stair Lift fails, the Stair Lift through the network to the customer service center to send a signal so that maintenance personnel can accurately understand the cause of the Stair Lift failure and related information, the customer's personal safety is threatened, and in the first time rushed to the scene of the accident Repair, while the network through the Stair Lift passengers comfort, the Stair Lift failure to the negative impact to a minimum. You can also automatically through the Stair Lift network within a specified time to scan each Stair Lift parts to find accidents to do pre-maintenance, reduce the time to stop the Stair Lift to improve the quality of service. B) Stair Lift online transaction (Stair Lift business website). Now the traditional marketing system is the sale of people (or face to face sales), due to the need for a large number of sales staff, its high cost of sales. If through the Stair Lift business website this network of media, you can greatly reduce the cost of sales. On the Internet you can show the characteristics of their products, features, shape and size, as well as the required civil construction size. If you fill in the data on your project, it will automatically calculate the Stair Lift flow and provide n Stair Lift configurations (including lift model, load, speed, stop number, waiting time, run time) according to the calculation result. User selection. If the user needs can also immediately get the various program quotes, you can also sign a purchase and sale contracts online, through online banking to pay the purchase price, thus completing the purchase and sale contracts. Of course, you can also download any information that you think is useful for future use. C) the use of fast and accurate network characteristics, reduce production costs. After joining wto in China, all enterprises (especially joint ventures, foreign-funded enterprises) to reduce the cost of global procurement is inevitable, to avoid the procurement process by a variety of improper means of the impact of the use of Stair Lift website bidding and bidding can guarantee the purchase of cheap Of the Stair Lift parts, its operation is very low. But also to have fixed all the parts manufacturing plant, supporting the plant through the network, the manufacturers received orders, through the technical arrangements for production schedules and parts of the production division can be quickly and accurately through the network to the purchased parts (Usually from the production plant to the assembly plant and then to the site back and forth shipping directly to the site), while the network is notified by the manufacturer recognized professional installation team approach to install the electricity (Es) staircase. After the installation is complete, the installation team on the Internet to the manufacturers and the relevant government departments for acceptance. In short, from sales to installation and after-sales service many of the work can be done through the network, and low cost, fast, accurate, good quality of service.

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