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What is a Home Elevator
Mar 10, 2018

Home elevators are automatic lifts that allow people and things to be moved mechanically from one level of a house to another. For example, if a house is large enough and enough money is made within the family, a family may choose to add a residential home elevator for luxury purposes. At the same time, any family with a disabled child, adult, or elderly resident may opt for a home elevator or lift to enable the family member to move to a higher or lower story. Whatever the reason, a home elevator is designed to ease mobility of the family around the house and allow heavy loads to be more easily carried.Handicare has solutions for everyone with one of the most comfortable and safest chair lifts for stairs with the added benefit of visual appeal. Rails are slim, elegant, and fit close to the wall with all mechanical parts hidden from view. These are part of the design elements that typify a Handicare Stairchair.

As already mentioned, the features of the chair lift for stairs influence the prices and the prices can be more or less depending on the feature. The nature of your stairs is the basic factor influencing the price of your stairway lift. Make sure the controls are easy to use. There is push button, paddle and infrared controls. The infrared controls mean you can call for the lift to be sent to where-ever you are. The paddle switch is located on the end of the seat arm, of the chair lift and of course the remote can be wherever you want to keep it. You are lucky if you have straight stairs because the stair chair lifts for curved stairways are more expensive. Besides providing a safe and secure method of moving through stairs, the stair chair lifts also secure a sense of independence among the people suffering from mobility issues. These people can easily pass through the stairs having a chair lift whenever they want to, without the need of any household member to help them.

A chair lift will not only be a safer method for movement up and down stairs by those with mobility issues but they will also provide an important sense of independence and freedom. The biggest disadvantage of installing a stair chair in a house is the cost. A chair lift for stairs can be expensive to purchase, although recently prices are declining due to competition between manufacturers.

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