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Elderly and Disabled 'Wait Two Years for a Stair-Lift'
Dec 30, 2017

The council is refusing to carry out routine maintenance once the lifts are Installed, insisting householders take responsibility for all servicing and repair bills, It Is claimed.

Adults and communities scrutiny committee chairman Len Clark said It was clear that aids and adaptations were being "rationed" by the council because demand by a growing elderly population exceeded budgets.

Mobility and walking can be impaired if you have arthritis. Canes offer additional support and improve balance when walking. Canes, used as assistive devices, come in many colors, designs, and styles. Some canes can be adjusted for height to ensure a proper fit. You will wonder how you did without a cane for so long. Canes are not just for elderly people - canes are for anyone who needs a little extra support and stability.

When using the cane, hold the cane with the opposite hand of the side that needs extra support. When going up stairs, step with the good foot first, followed by the cane and then the bad side. When going down stairs, step first with the cane, followed by the bad foot and then the good foot.

If you are trying to maintain your independence, a mobility scooter may be a wise investment. As with most major purchases, it's important to make an informed decision. There are many mobility scooters available. A simple, standard walker can be life-changing for the person who just needs that extra stability and additional mobility to remain independent. Since walkers are crucial items, it's important to have it sized right for you. The height on most walkers is adjustable, but be sure to consider width as well. Check if the walker you choose is sized for an adult, child, or large adult. Some people will want to have wheels added to the front of the walker as opposed to having rubber stoppers on the 4 legs.

A rollator walker is another option (pictured above). A rollator walker is similar to a standard walker but it has tires and hand brakes. Rollators do not require the lifting of the walker that a standard walker requires as you move along. A rollator, however, requires that the the patient be strong enough to control it.

If you have impaired mobility, a stairlift may be the perfect solution for you, providing access to the different levels within your home while also allowing you to maintain your independence. With a variety of lift, feature and color options, we’re able to ensure a match that meets your needs. 

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