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Feb 20, 2017

Waterproof and windproof matches: waterproof wax seal on a match head, moisture-proof, plastic box, match long handle is thicker than normal ones. In addition, there are metal waterproof matches.

5-meter-long rope: can be used to escape, banding and other uses, or even strapped to his body from the cold.

Non-slip gloves: no matter what kind of disaster, there may be trapped in a small closed space, before the rescuers arrived, dig yourself.

Multipurpose folding utility knife: provide effective help.

Wrench: this would not have it.

Folding shovel: handle, iron, before the arrival of rescue workers, providing effective help.

When escape, nothing, and that the package would take. Many Americans in their cars would be kept in a first aid kit, a first-aid kit inside.

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