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The Usage and Advantages for Scoop Stretcher
Oct 17, 2017

The use of scoop stretchers can significantly reduce the time and improve the efficiency and quality of care: the use of scoop stretcher, significantly shortened from the emergency to the ward the time required (P <0.05). In the process of hospital transit, the patient left the emergency protection environment, the nurses became the main implementation of the transit process and supervisors, nurses in addition to guide their families to do the handling work, but also at any time to observe the patient's condition changes, the time is Life, time management awareness is particularly important. According to the relevant literature reported that the longer transit time, the patient's vital signs more likely to change, so to minimize the transit halfway time, so that critically ill patients can quickly enter the receiving department, timely access to life support, not only can improve the success rate after the rescue And the quality of life of patients, improve the efficiency of emergency delivery of emergency patients, but also enhance the patient and family members of the hospital's sense of security, trust, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of emergency care work.
3.2 The process of transport with a
scoop stretcher to reduce the patient's subjective pain: At present, the clinical treatment of emergency trauma in patients with pain is generally considered "pain is normal, the patient should be resistant to pain should not complain," ignored the Pain assessment, which sometimes obscures the patient's condition. In this study, we used a shovel-style stretcher to carry crit in the ordinary flat car, easy to grasp the point of focus, effectively control the balance of patients, reducing the pain caused by the patient's handling; the same time the patient to play Good support and protection of the role of nurses and their families with the relatively simple handling.
3.3 The use of shovels in the transport process to reduce the risk of pipeline accidents: critically ill patients after emergency rescue, the body often with a variety of pipes, if the use of improper handling, often lead to infusion tube, Urinary tract, gastric tube, artificial trachea and other shedding or ectopic, which will lead to illness to determine the wrong patient, will lead to prolonged transit time, so that the risk of patients increased. The results showed that nurses with scoop-type stretchers transport patients, a good reduction in the pipeline accident, reducing the risk factor of the patient.
In summary, compared with the ordinary flat car transport model, plus scoop stretcher is simple to operate, easy to use, emergency trauma patients greatly improved transport safety, it is worth to promote the use of clinical.

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