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The elderly: the kit should be placed at the end of
Feb 20, 2017

The above is a common first-aid items, but if you have elderly home, or have heart disease, but also for special chemical makeup.

1. older persons were constipated, reported an elderly sudden death due to constipation. Yong Lu said with simple constipation does not cause death, but constipation caused by intestinal obstruction and stool overexert, can cause accidents, suggestions are outfitted with glycerine, fruit, glycerin suppository, etc.

2. oxygen concentrator. People with coronary heart disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, on the recommendation of a oxygen. When oxygen is not relieved by family, it is recommended that timely medical treatment.

3. stroke. Anecdotes of angong niuhuang pill can be used to prevent stroke or stroke emergency medicines, slurred speech, speaking not a Word, you'd take the previous pills. Yong Lu said of angong niuhuang pill is not waterproof, stroke, should be immediately sent to hospital for treatment.

Kit should be placed in the old man's bed, reach out, particularly the onset of night time. In addition, the family medicine cabinet just for emergencies, emergency problem after taking drug relief, should go to the hospital, so as not to miss the opportunity. In addition, in homes for the elderly when going out alone, should carry emergency medicine and write names, addresses, telephone numbers, disease cards for emergencies get timely medical treatment.

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