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Stretcher be Equipped for Buildings
Oct 20, 2017

"However, if the patient is head, neck, spinal injury, or visceral bleeding, cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, cerebral infarction, coma, blurred consciousness, but the patient is in a lighter condition, And so on, the ambulance must allow patients to stay flat, they can only carry a stretcher to walk a staircase. "Tang Xu said, not to mention the stretcher downstairs is not an easy thing. As the stairway is relatively narrow stairs, the road will inevitably be bumpy, and the stairs corner of the greater test, the at least two to adjust the angle of the stretcher, stretcher will be lifted to the staircase handrail in order to slowly turn. This may delay the first aid of prime time and increase the risk of the patient. Dalian ambulance is equipped with a wheel can retract the mobile stretcher, stretcher car there is a portable shovel stretcher, are generally stretcher to push the unit door downstairs, carrying shovel stretcher upstairs. Reporters inquired about the specifications of the shovel on the market, the width of about 45 cm, the length can be scaled, up to 2 meters long, even if the shortest to have 1.65 meters. When the stretcher is placed in the elevator along the depths, at least 10 cm is exposed to the outside of the elevator, and the diagonal of the stretcher occupies the elevator before it can barely flat. This is not considered the space of the stretcher. The stretcher told reporters that every time the elevator is like a magic change, all kinds of adjustment angle, as far as possible so that patients lying down into the elevator.
Reporters saw, in fact, as early as August 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban has issued and implemented a new "residential design specifications", it's required that 12 and 12 above the residential, each building Set the elevator should not be less than two, which should be set up to accommodate a stretcher of the elevator. According to the length of the scoop stretcher to estimate the elevator diagonal at least 2 meters in order to be reluctant to use a stretcher in the first aid elevator. Yesterday, the reporter visited Dalian four new and old high-level district, the actual measurement, 2012 before the delivery of high-rise residential, basic elevator 1.4 meters deep, width 1 m 2, diagonal about 1.8 m; only last year a new district Elevator 1.5 meters deep, 1.6 meters wide, diagonal about 2.2 meters, can barely accommodate the "life stretcher" flat. The reporter measured the medical elevator found, just into the deep has reached 2.5 meters.

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