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Stairlift Help | Woman Wants To Send Terminally Ill Dad On Holiday
Jan 31, 2018

Stairlift Help – A woman from St. Austell has launched a fundraising campaign online because she wants to send her 69-year old, terminally ill father on a vacation that he has always dreamed of. Sally, who used to work as a store manager, gave up her job three years ago due to health problems after which her father cared for her. She says that in future their father will not be to get up and go anywhere due to his deteriorating health, so now is the time to do something to fulfill his dream of going on a cruise. John McSweeney, the marketing and export director of the Knutsford based company, called Terry Lifts and said that their model is like an updated version of the usual stairlift. He further added that stairlift is a permanent fixture in the stairs, whereas the home elevator can be sent to any floor when it is not needed.

The Lifestyle Home Elevator has been designed carefully and different safety features have been added to ensure the safety of the passengers. The system even has a backup battery so that passengers are not stuck in case of a power failure. The lift doesn’t move until the door is closed and it also has 30 minutes fire protection.

Consider your personal requirements and which stairlift qualities you feel you would gain from. Stairlifts can be split into two principal types. Based on the form of staircase which you have, you will require one of two forms of stairlift. Stairlift as an overall view is a pricey kind of machine. There are various different kinds of stairlift to select from, and whatever your requirements, you can be guaranteed to find a stairlift to fit your needs and improve your daily life. A house stairlift can surely make things simpler for you. Forms of Stairlifts and Your house The design of your house is important if contemplating the various kinds of stairlifts.

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