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Solutions for disabled access to overcome stairs and steps
Nov 16, 2017

Travelling in your own wheelchair with stairs and steps can be challenging. The seats, armrests and footrests fold up for added clearance but it’s always best to park the unit at the top or bottom of the stairs so it doesn’t stick out on the stairway. If space is available, the track can be extended around the top or bottom corners of the stairs so the unit can be parked down the hallway.

A chair lift for stairs will allow your elderly parents to be independent and self sufficient - which for most seniors is essential for their quality of life. Stair chairs are mechanical chair lifts that allow the elderly to move easily between different floors of a house. One of the biggest advantages of stair chairs has to be the independence it can give seniors. Your safety is the top priority at Easy Climber. The comfy swivel chair with footrest and armrest allows you to get in and out of the chair safely and easily. There’s an easy-clip seat belt for added security. In addition, built-in safety sensors stop the chair if an object is in its way. It even comes with a battery back-up for unexpected power outages.

Wheelchair Stair Climber is an exercise machine on which helps wheel chair go upstairs or downstairs. These machines makes wheelchair climbing the stairs easily. These machines generally have two types, automatic and manual. Manual wheelchair need other people behind the wheel to control the climber while automatic climber can climb the stair by itself. Generally the automatic wheelchair climbers are powered by electricity. A stair lift, wheel chair lift, or elevator may be just the thing you need to keep you from having to move to a one-story home. There are many wonderful options these days.

When you have your installation performed by a contractor who is state certified and insured, you can be confident that everything is done correctly and safely. To insure your lift is covered by your Home Owners insurance, make sure your installer provides you with the Georgia Dept. of Labor's installation permit. (This is part of your cost.)

Worried that a stair lift won’t fit your specific staircase? We’ve got you covered. Dragon stair lifts are custom-designed to fit either straight or curved staircases and can even curve around the bottom of straight stairs. Every staircase is individually measured, and the stair lift is custom-built so it fits your stairway like a glove.

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