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Reasons to Choose an Inclined Wheelchair Stairlift
Mar 24, 2018

Faced with the need for a wheelchair lift, it can be a confusing decision for most people. What are the options? Which wheelchair lift makes the most sense for you and your building? What differences actually matter to those who use them? The soft and secure lift chairs are ideal for elderly or disabled persons with a high supportive back for maximum comfort. The control just requires your hand to move it left or right, depending on the direction you want to go, so it’s easy for everyone to use.

On wide stairs, rail platforms are first installed and the chair slides along the platform to reach its destination. It can be visualized as a train on a platform going on an inclined gradient! Today's stair lifts have evolved in safety and speed and it is certainly an interesting and useful equipment. In the older aged individuals, arthritis limits mobility to quite a great extent. Stair lifts can be of tremendous value to people struggling to stand on their feet to walk up and down the stairs. Stair lifts are available may be electric or battery operated. An electric powered home stair lift may be cheaper, but doesn't offer a backup system in case of a loss of electricity. Some of the most popular features of such stair lifts are noiseless and smooth function, durability, and adequate carrying capacity. Offering fold-able seats, as stair lift doesn't take up much room on a stairway and allows easy access by other individuals in the home. Built-in rechargeable motors with backup power supply offers a safe, convenient, and simple way to transport individuals to different levels.

Stair lift chairs are suitable for nearly any housing situation with straight or curved stair cases. Whether you are looking for your church, office or your home, Dragon carries a stair chair lift to suit your need. This is nothing but a lift which can be used to climb up or move down. This is a wonderful creation as far as elders and disabled are concerned. Since this chair will offer them a comfortable experience of climbing up and moving down without using their own legs. All they have to do is that, they have to sit on the chair which is mounted along with the stair lift. And then, they have to lock the chair and switch on the lift. Within a matter of time, the lift will get the person to either upstairs or downstairs with ultimate comfort.

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