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Pendles confirms finger break
Sep 01, 2017

Every year the summer arrives with full force in my ER: cuts, ticks, poison ivy, infected bug bites, sunburns, eye injuries, broken bones, and all other kinds of summer fun gone wrong. Luckily, you can easily treat or prevent much of the summer craziness if you are prepared. The finger splint will help you if your fingers hurt in different situations, like playing basketball, working for factory and so on.The following is the example for your ref.
Scott Pendlebury's immediate future is under a cloud, with the Collingwood skipper to undergo surgery on a broken finger on Monday evening.
Pendlebury suffered the injury in the third quarter of the Magpies' 15-point win over Gold Coast on Saturday when he attempted to tackle Suns dasher Adam Saad.
The Pies captain appeared to get his right finger caught in Saad's jumper and immediately winced in pain when he slipped off the tackle. But he returned to play out the game. As his mistake, his finger hurt.
"I've broken my finger, up the top there, and I'll go in tonight and get surgery to get a pin in it and from there we'll see about the recovery and how long it takes," Pendlebury said on Monday.

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Matthew Stafford reiterated Tuesday that the dislocation to his right middle finger is not hampering him, despite a drop in his statistics and the Detroit Lions going 1-3 since the injury.

Instead, the quarterback continues to focus on decisions he's making. The injured digit, he said, doesn't play much of a factor. For a team that defined itself with eight fourth-quarter comebacks this fall, theDetroit Lions sure had a lousy fourth quarter of the NFL season.

The trainer working Thursday's The Basketball Tournament game supplied Triche with the splint and advised him to "get (the finger) checked out."  The splint, she said, would help keep his pinky straight as it heals. That same trainer popped the finger back into joint after the Thursday injury.

Wound numbing spray can be purchased over-the-counter and can really save the day when a child is burned, sunburned, or has a painful cut or scrape.
Prescription medication: Ask your physician for an extra prescription for any medication you use frequently, especially asthma and allergy medications. Keep the extra supply in your car first-aid kit.

Stafford might need a splint, but he can still point the Lions in the right direction. Different people have different methods to protect the finger. But if hurt, you will need our Dragon finger splint.

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