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Outdoor Stair Lift Provide More Accessibility
Mar 31, 2018

An outdoor stair lift is very similar to the one that used in the indoors on a residential flight of stair. The biggest difference between these two is that the outdoor stair lift is built to be weather proof and to endure a tougher working condition. It is designed to protect the chair and its drive assembly (the rails and other outdoor installation) from the worst weather condition.

Though there are lots of different types available, stairlifts basically fall into two main categories: straight and curved. The latter are the more bespoke products, with the stairlift rail having to fit around the shape of your stairs. Most stairlifts' controls are easy to use, and can be set up on either side of the lift, depending on whether you are right or left-handed. The best way of familiarising yourself with the different types available – and how they work in practice – is to arrange to try one out at a disabled living centre or at a local mobility centre or manufacturer’s showroom.

The stair lift is really one of the most unique inventions ever to come about. It has transformed the lives of both elderly and handicapped people all around the World. It is a pretty simple concept in that these lifts transport people from one story of a house or building to the next. And then back down as needed. Also, people who have been injured or have had recent operations can find a lift around the stairs to be very beneficial. For instance, if a football player has recently crushed his ACL then these stair lifts can be a blessing. He will need to get up and down his mansion for a little while, and these lifts will work perfect. Stair lifts need to be maintained and this advice should be given to you by the manufacturer from whom you are purchasing the stair lift. Before you buy a stair lift model, you need to ask about whether the stair lift comes with an insurance policy and what the cost of this would be as sometimes these policies are very pricy.

For a stairlift company to be able to give you an accurate quote, it will need to visit your home to carry out a feasibility study. This should be free of charge and seeks to determine, among other things, whether your stairs are wide enough for the stairlift you want, and, if you want a seated stairlift, wide enough to allow room for your knees when seated.

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