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Neck care
Feb 20, 2017

Importance of neck skin

1, only the face of the 1/3 of the Sebaceous and sweat glands in the neck, and less oil production, activities more frequently, it is difficult to retain moisture, so very easy to dry, wrinkled. Not only that, the neck is often wrapped in clothes, more easily lose water and dry. Electrostatic is easy to make the neck of chemical fiber clothing and skin bumps and skin sagging and wrinkles increases.

2, neck skin care purposes, primarily to prevent and delay skin aging, reduce wrinkle, moisturizing the skin and improve skin elasticity, improves blood circulation.

3, aging in the neck, will directly affect the chest curve. Beauty salon procedures and method of operation

(1) clean the skin (2) water conditioning (3) according to customer's skin exfoliation (4) hot compress: Add two or three drops of rose essential oil in warm water (5) massage: massage touch method (6) mask (7) water conditioning (8) applied neck cream.

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