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Intelligent nursing bed and nursing chair come into the market successfully
Nov 04, 2017

As for filial piety, the ancients said, "love others elder as yours",

On the pension, as the saying goes "no long bedside dutiful son";

In the face of ethical and practical problems, what are the better measures to solve?

"Filial piety", in today's increasingly high degree of Chinese aging society, caring for the elderly has become a social focus, how to make the same old age with dignity, interesting and tasteful "life is a big problem.

In November 4, 2017, the fifth national intelligent pension Strategy Summit Forum was held in Hangzhou. The new pension issues and smart products have become a hot topic of the conference.

As a smart pension market leader, Hunan Austrian flying intelligent medical instrument limited company also participated in the event, the Austrian flying intelligence chairman Ceng Zhaoli attended the forum and delivered a speech, "to protect the patient (user) dignity, guarantee the quality of life, follow this mission, Austrian flying intelligence also in industry and society leading intelligent nursing field service!

Xi also pointed out that to meet the huge number of elderly people in many aspects of demand, and properly solve the social problems brought about by the aging of the population, related to the overall development of the country, is related to the well-being of the people. At the meeting, Ceng Zhaoli stressed that the initial heart of Fei Fei's intelligence was to enable the old man to realize "dignity, fun and taste" in his later years.

Austria fly smart 2017 launched two new products, Niu Ben and the old guy in the series, Chinese health industry background, Austrian flying intelligent innovation to the sustenance, it is social conscience! By defecation process analysis, human chip sensor technology, mechanical structure optimization design, optimization design, process control environment friendly innovation design research layers, the Austrian flying intelligence from the first generation to the second generation products, has made impressive achievements. The anal secretions collection, cleaning and drying, deodorant and other mechanical structure optimization design has been applied for 3 patents, especially clean toilet sewage deodorizing flushing device patent, patent technology, nursing bed tilt / up / down / up the patent technology, industry has been recognized and put into use.

From the aging society to personal problems, family problems, the resulting problem, perhaps a product can not solve all the problems, but through a product of efforts, we see a person's dignity and grace, we witness a happy family and happy and healthy, we are seeing a the social order and old age. Just like the initial heart of Ao Fei, not only an enterprise, but also a sense of social responsibility and mission of a generation!

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