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Intelligent Medical Bedside Cabinet BE Praised
Nov 10, 2017

From November 3 to November 5, 2017, the 11th Annual Meeting of Presidents of Chinese Hospitals was held in Zhuhai International Convention Center. As the annual industry event, 400 honored guests and 7,000 hospital presidents attended the conference . As one of the invited enterprises, Anhui Zhisheng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. took part in this annual conference with its innovative medical products of the Internet - the smart cabinets. During the meeting, the cabinet has been highly recognized and praised by leaders at all levels.

As the pioneer of intelligent medical bedside tables, the smart cabinet debuted at the annual meeting of Chinese hospital dean to attract the participation of many deputies with its innovative features such as smart storage, sterilization, fresh air and interactive entertainment Concerned, one after another to the counter counter to listen to staff introduction, personally experience the rich features brought by the counter.

As an internet innovation product, a hospital chief in Guangdong learned about the smart locker. With the development of the Internet, the hospital is undergoing change. Only constant innovation can provide more services to patients. Walk in the forefront, so that hospitals in the treatment of patients on the basis of saving, better service to patients.
One dean in Beijing also gave his full credit to the smart cabinets because smart cabinets do not provide simple services but also help to change the people's mind to full cure through some of these functions including fresh air and disinfection and sterilization Is the impression of the traditional ward of the drugstore. At the same time, through the collection and excavation of big data, the hospital wards are made more intelligent and find a breakthrough for the hospital in the transformation and development of the Internet era.

From the beginning of June 2017, the smart cabinets have successively settled in a number of general hospitals such as Hefei Second People's Hospital, Anhui Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Anhui Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital. With super high Yan value, rich and practical functions, Convenient operation, won the hospitals and patients alike.
Smart counter technology is working with medical institutions around the country has now signed with more than 1,000 cities in the country agent cooperation agreement in the future the smart cabinets will be deployed to the country 6,000,000 beds for the annual 500 million inpatients and accompanying families to provide quality Service, and through the wisdom of big health APP, to provide patients with long-term, all-round health services.

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