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Health GB for Mrdical Equipment
Feb 13, 2018

Manchester international medical equipment exhibition is organized by the Health GB Infoma exhibition group exhibition, the next year, the show is a British market enterprise open platform is very important, the British Manchester international medical equipment exhibition Health GB from last attracted 150 exhibitors, the number of customers reached 4000, the exhibition is in Manchester Exhibition Center held in the exhibition area of 2000 square.

According to Lord Carter review (February), the UK national health service system will reduce the number of self produced products from 500 thousand to 6000-9900, so we must rely on more orders and lower prices to achieve economies of scale. Now is the best time to enter the UK. The British national medical service system operates more than 1200 hospitals and more than 3000 other medical facilities. More than 12 million of the British people choose private health care institutions. British private hospitals had a net income of more than 6 billion 420 million pounds in 2011. The British national health service has selected 12 hospitals and offered 10 million pounds of financial support to search for new digital technology and methods to promote patient care. The British national medical service system has invested about 2 billion pounds per year in medical consumables and 3 billion pounds in medical equipment.

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