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Head fixation device
Feb 20, 2017

Head fixation device supported by two plastic-coated solid foam, and two head of a paste floor zone.

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1. domestic head fixation device

Special design head increase the patient's comfort. The pasteboard all of the wood, aluminum and plastic plate and scoop stretcher. Head support can be used in material fixed on the Board or scoop stretcher.

Open-ear design is easy to observe the patient's ear.

On x-ray, MRI or CT scan of the little.

Waterproof plastic-coated to prevent infiltration of a patient's blood or body fluid, easy to clean and disinfect, can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria.

2. Norway's LAERDAL SpeedBlocks imports head fixation device:

The product has the functions of the head;

Can be used over and over, can also be single-use, durable, performance-price ratio;

When using just simple 4 step operation can achieve the best effect, the patient maximum comfort;

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