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Folding Stretcher To The Ambulance Personnel And Patients To Provide A Better First Aid Posture
Oct 25, 2017

With the development of urban modernization, and more and more serious aging, cardiopulmonary disease patients are more and more, these patients in the disease, can only sit can not lie, he designed Folding Stretcher can be quickly completed in a short time into a chair , So as to achieve the needs of patients with different symptoms, to the ambulance personnel and patients to provide a better first aid posture.

"Medical Folding Stretcher in addition to simple and convenient, the use of plastic panels in the material, light weight, can be used in different scenarios using different forms, suitable for patients with different conditions." Medical Folding Stretcher in the production, the process is not difficult, only the capital can be put into mass production.

In the design, but also taking into account the need for transfusion in patients with transfusion, but no support problems. Therefore, in the stretcher on the right hand side specially designed telescopic pole, for the rescue to provide a full range of services.

After folding the stretcher only a fixed plate size, the equivalent of a small suitcase (length 50cm × width 50cm × height 20cm), carrying very convenient.

The connecting rod, telescopic rod, movable plate and fixing plate are made of modern aluminum-plastic material. They are durable and have anti-rust and anti-rust function, and have reliable anti-extrusion and heavy load function.

The infusion stand can be rotated about the axis

Usually when not in use can be placed and fixed on the side of the lift bar, when used to pull out to the vertical bar with the lift,Folding Stretcher the drawer of the spring will be fixed in the awl slot in the ear slot. The infusion stand is free to adjust the length, but also as a hanging frame (such as emergency lighting at night for emergency lighting or flashlight, summer can be used as mosquito bed, etc.).

When necessary, can be immediately inflated, used as floating water rescue valve; also oxygen can be used to emergency wounded patients; can also be inflated when the pillow or as a cushioning cushion.

Locks are equipped with emergency medicines, equipment and articles

Easy to rescue in the field and get the initial care of the sick and wounded such as small splint for fracture fixation, mosquito net raincoat for protection,Folding Stretcher portable pocket pump for airbags for emergency inflatable.

Pulleys and straps can be implemented

For the delivery of sick and wounded when the lack of manpower, the individual can promote the sick and wounded to the destination.

The retaining ear can function as a fixed pulley

In the process of delivery, the ambulance and other vehicles to run on the downhill, the bucket can be fixed under the stretcher to avoid rolling back and forth before and after, to ensure the safety of the sick and wounded.

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