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Family first aid kit
Feb 20, 2017

Many families in Europe, Japan and other countries, will be equipped with a first aid kit, so that at the critical juncture of life and death to save his life. Nitroglycerin Tablets (or spray), is emergency medicine suxiao jiuxin pill, skin trauma surgery family medicine should be equipped with processing drugs, cold medicine, digestive medicine, 6 drugs. In addition, every 3-6 months should periodically check and replace first-aid medicines, with particular attention to drugs period.

Kits should also be equipped with a band-aid and aspirin in response to emergency conditions such as injuries, pain

Families in the United States, almost always equipped with a first aid kit. The American Red Cross family first aid kits are listed in the 10 first aid medicines and tools, including various sizes of band aid, sterile gauze and medical tape, disposable gloves, tweezers, thermometers and antibiotics, disinfectant wipes, first aid manuals, topical antihistamines and aspirin, masks, and so on.

Some emergencies such as cardiac arrest, most of the rescue time was pre-hospital first aid, and won the rescue time can reduce the incidence of disability. Self test, self management and their professional ambulance care is an effective supplement. Family emergency medicine and tools, and not just to deal with catastrophes such as earthquakes, in fact, will also come in handy in everyday life, such as in cut hands, his feet, or sudden onset of cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, some emergency medicines and tools are needed.

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