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Experts suggested the family medicine chest with 7 drugs
Feb 20, 2017

1. cardio-cerebral-vascular emergency medicine. Including nitroglycerin, suxiao jiuxin pill compound loyalty, heart-protecting musk pills, pills, and so on. In emergency situations, sublingual nitroglycerin, and at present nitroglycerin sprays new, more convenient. Suxiao jiuxin pill under the tongue 4~6 grain size.

2. surgical drugs. Includes small scissors, STYPTIC, sterile gauze, bandages, STYPTIC for small wounds bleeding, wound is large gauze and bandages. In addition, anerdian, bactroban, scald cream, Yunnan baiyao spray for dealing with trauma. But be careful, once the wound is bleeding or infection, timely medical treatment. Small and deep wounds, animal bites should be dealt with promptly to the hospital to prevent tetanus or other infections.

3. cold medicine. Should be equipped with a 1~2 kind of cold medicine in family medicine, such as cold cooling granules, quick-acting cold capsule, white and black, such as Bufferin. Read this instruction manual carefully before use, in particular a variety of cold medicines eaten together, so as to avoid drug-additive effects. In addition, it is not recommended in the family medicine cabinet is equipped with antibiotics, antibiotics are prescription drugs, there are certain side effects and should be used under medical supervision.

4. digestive system drugs. Including Mongolia stopped, Strengthener, smecta, horn is gel pill and Huoxiang zhengqi pills, which can treat non-infective diarrhea. Once suspected of infectious diarrhea, it is recommended that treatment. Frequent vomiting, especially hematemesis and blood in the stool, and so on, should be sent to hospital immediately.

5. allergy medicine. In case of allergy, skin redness, rashes, after eating seafood being caterpillars come across, can be used to open ruitan, Astemizole, antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine drug, chlorpheniramine has strong side effects such as drowsiness.

6. the analgesic. Such as aspirin, panodol, Tylenol, fenbid can relieve headaches, joint pain, back pain, muscle pain and other symptoms.

7. blood pressure medication. Such as Norvasc, captopril, monopril, Bisoprolol, Losartan etc, but these are prescription drugs should be used under the supervision of a physician. Need to be reminded of is that should complete the chronic disease self-management in patients with hypertension, remember to take the medicine at home, a business trip or outing, don't forget to take the medicine.

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