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Drug Cabinets And Trolleys
Oct 13, 2017

As suppliers to the care and medical trades, Dragon stock a range of Drug Cabinets and Medicine Trolleys to help protect and monitor your medicine supplies.

We understand the need for keeping your stocks under control, and the importance of employing Drugs Cabinets and Trolleys. These can safeguard both your patients and staff. Securing important medicines will ensure that a patient cannot take more than they should, and prevent staff from taking drugs for recreational purposes.

Our Secure Drug Cabinets and Medicine Trolleys are an excellent way to ensure your establishment keeps your supplies and your patients safe and secure. We have a range of products that we believe to be the ideal solution to storing your medication.

By overcoming the issue of swallowing through the removal of solids, it becomes much easier for elderly individuals to receive the nutrition they need. This population can still enjoy the flavors they have always loved, while still benefiting from the nutrition they possess. This has obvious benefits to health, as everything from meat, vegetables, fruit, and carbohydrates can be pureed. This ensures that the elderly are still receiving the protein, vitamins, and fats that they need to remain healthy.

A lack of balance can lead to falls and injuries that could further prevent you from staying as mobile as you want to be. It is therefore crucial to work on improving your balance in older age. The more stable on your feet you are the better. Trying techniques such as standing on one foot, slide leg raises and yoga can all help you to becoming more stable on your feet. Although the most crucial method for improving mobility is pushing yourself that one step extra in terms of staying active, it is also important not to forget your limits.If a muscle begins to hurt or you’re straining yourself, stop and find a level that you’re comfortable with. Don’t risk your mobility for activities that are too difficult, if you have any queries with your exercise levels or any new exercises you want to try, check with your GP to make sure you are fit to carry them out.

Consider when and how to lock your cart in order to prevent supplies from being stolen, not only for financial reasons but for safety as well. Look for a key lock on the lock bar or door. This enables key entry as a back-up in an emergency.

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