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Design of Braking System in Stair Climbing Wheel Chair for Disabled
Dec 13, 2017

The main goal of this smart staircase climbing wheelchair project is reduce the cost of powered wheelchair and also locomotion of staircase by using of middle class people. The population of people with increase disabilities has significantly during the previous century. As the data come from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), two distinct developments have contributed to the increasing generally predominance of disability.as well as rapid increase that is due to health deficiencies and accidents. More individual persons have problem to use a conventional wheelchair. A current clinical appraisal indicates that 9%- 10% of patients who received power wheelchair training found it extremely difficult to use for their activities of daily life style .40% of patients found the maneuvering, directional and steering tasks difficult or impossible. Generally the physically challenged people and paralyzed patients do their daily activities on wheelchairs. The disabled persons are to face an more difficulties, when they have to locomotion of ascend or descend the staircase. For example, to enter or exit erections, that have no slopes, go up and down in erections that have no lifts or pedestrian bridges, in these state of affairs, several helpers are necessary to carry a disabled person and their wheelchair. This leads to a possibility of injury for both the disabled persons and the helpers. This project was aimed to enhance the quality of life provides for the disabled people by supporting the wheelchair to climbing the staircase. To reduce number of helpers to only one person and wheelchair.

Accessible Systems just wrapped up an HBF project for Gilbeth B., a 17 year old Parker girl living with a spinal condition called spinal muscular atrophy #3 which has resulted in her being in a power wheelchair full time. Her mother stays home to help Gilbeth with her everyday needs and her siblings are working to support the family because her dad recently suffered a heart attack and isn’t able to assist like he once was. Despite these challenges, the spirits in this family are high. Be sure to check out the inspirational music video created by Gilbeth.

While loss of mobility is natural as a part of the aging process, you can make a decision to not let that impact your life. You can still stay in the home you love with a stairlift. Contact Stannah to find out how you can start getting your life back today. Here at Mobility & More, you can expect to receive incredibly personalized service. Our professionals realize that no two people are the same, and will help you develop a customized mobility solution tailored to your particular needs.


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