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Daily necessities
Feb 20, 2017

Emergency blanket: waterproof winter mosquito, come in different sizes, spread to an area not smaller, but folded in the corner first-aid kit, do not take place for all kinds of outdoor weather.

Hand warmer packs: a warm baby mini, tea bag size.

Disposable poncho: warm, waterproof and many other features. But remember, don't buy that garbage bags thinner than.

Single tent: refuge for short-term outdoor use.

Waterproof bag: some items cannot touch water, such as cell phones, digital electronic products.

Water bags: one letter difference, they are two different things. If the critical situation encountered in the wild, can transport water from the River, and rain!

Kettle: ordinary plastic water bottles, note the bottle seal.

Decontamination of venom: portable disinfection supplies without washing.

Aluminium bowls: outdoor camping, aluminum and heat fast, and light. If you can eat heated food or water will not only better fitness and health.

Gray duct tape: strong than ordinary Scotch tape adhesive, strong.

Web: paper core can be removed.

Garbage bags: Pack garbage and feces, you can try to keep the environment clean and avoid secondary pollution.

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