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Configuration information
Feb 20, 2017

Red cube survival Manual: mainly taught you how to escape, according to their respective national conditions, areas of writing.

Information card: are actually of note paper, write personal information, emergency "contacts".

Professional DVD materials: to teach you how to escape, image, usually available.

Help class

Lifeguard whistle: the whistle when in need of rescue, prompting his bearings, conserve your strength.

Emergency flashlight: Manual power lights, used for lighting.


Emergency candles: size is similar to ordinary candle, but longer burn times, you can burn 3

-4 hours.

Hand-cranked power flashlight finished candle is gone, darkness will take calm and rational, so hand-cranked power flashlight is essential for first-aid kit. Do not think that is a generator, in fact, it is very small, flashlights have a small handle at the bottom, shaking under the lights.

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