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Causes of neck wrinkles
Feb 20, 2017

1, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation: in addition to the Sun, radiation is one of the culprits.

2, repeated up and down: looking up and looking down on habitual actions are always people inadvertently repeated countless times, neck skin and easy traces due to extrusion, for a long time, cortex is thin with wrinkles in the neck.

3, water shortages in the neck: the neck in front of the face of the skin's sebaceous glands and sweat glands are only one-third, compared with the facial skin, neck structure is weaker, less oil, it is difficult to retain moisture, easy to dry, so it is very easy to produce wrinkles.

4, the external environment: the fall and winter, the climate is dry and large sand, but also easy to dry the neck wrinkles.

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