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Attention problems
Feb 20, 2017

Need to pay special attention to the following:

1, first-aid supplies completely sealed packaging in a first aid kit, first aid kit should be waterproof, but the dual insurance more secure for lives to be saved.

2, try to pick does not cause strong allergic reactions to medicines, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs do not select penicillin. Or in the case of patients to panic, or ignorant to kill them!

3, linked to the first-aid kit is best to choose those with sturdy handles, or, in some cases you need a first aid kit for some climbing action, it will be more convenient.

4, in the first aid box will always have a good pen and notebook, should always pay attention to record the patient's condition, when sent to the hospital, the doctor will thank you for doing so.

Configure first-aid kit, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1, you can't carry all the items, it is impossible to save n individuals.

2, you can't completely cure the patient, all you do is to extend a patient's life until help arrived or taken to the hospital.

3, sometimes you may have some long-term plans, I would highlight the following.

Injury list: cotton bandages, alcohol, alcohol, medical adhesive tape, surgical gloves, alcohol swab, triangular bandages, sterile gauze sponges, surgical SUTURE NEEDLES, mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing masks, band-aid.

List of common diseases: non-penicillin antibiotics, gut sedatives, gastrointestinal tranquilizers, pain killers, fever, eugenol, nasal ulcer of peppermint oil, paste, potassium permanganate, life-saving drugs (antibiotics, analgesics, Hemostatic).

Other accessories: multi-function knife, pens, books, flashlights, effervescent tablets, vitamin soup Po, space blankets.

Trauma treatment appliances category carefully wrapped in a transparent plastic bag, cooling ointment, alcohol, pen supplies, such as candles dripping wax seal the crack in the lid should be used to prevent evaporation, flashlights and other supplies should the battery upside down to prevent inadvertent impacts inverted automatically open drain power.

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