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Advantages for Mobility Powered Stairclimbers
Jul 26, 2017

“Just going up and down my stairs whenever I wanted seems like a small thing to many people. But it had become a big problem for me. My kids, my doctor, even my next-door neighbor told me I needed to avoid them. I don’t want to be a burden on anybody. The problem was, not using my stairs meant I had to live in only half of my house. Lucky for me, a good friend told me about the mobility powered stairclimbers. Now I just sit in my chair that lifts me up and down my stairs. Problem solved. And I’m staying in my home for a long, long time!”

Falling down stairs is a leading cause of serious injury among the elderly and installing a chair lift for stairs can reduce the risk of falls.

A stair lift, also referred to as a chairlift for stairs, is a device that allows you to be seated while it carries you up or down your flight of steps.

There are a number of advantages of mobility powered stairclimbers:

1. Independence 

Mobility powered stairclimbers are mechanical chair lifts that allow the elderly to move easily between different floors of a house. One of the biggest advantages of mobility powered stairclimbers has to be the independence it can give seniors.

If a senior has mobility challenges and is unable to leave their own home without assistance from others, they are likely to feel trapped and helpless.

The emotional relief and the sense of freedom stair chairs can provide these seniors is priceless.

2. Reduce Stress on Caregiver

Caregivers also benefit from having mobility powered stairclimbers in a home. Moving a senior up/down stairs without such a device is potentially dangerous.

3. Stay in their Home

Another advantage of mobility powered stairclimbers is that they can allow a senior with a mobility issue to remain in a home that they love.

Often seniors are forced to move because of their mobility issues that prevent them from living in houses with stairs, but a mobility powered stairclimbers eliminates this need altogether.

A stair lift is a chair that climbs up and down a staircase on a motorized rail attached. While getting up and down the stairs safely is the primary concern, today’s top quality lifts include numerous features to maximize comfort, ease of use and attractiveness in the home.

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