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A wheelchair said to be suitable for all stairs
Aug 01, 2018

For many people with disabilities, going up and down stairs is the biggest obstacle to getting out of the house. Today, I would like to introduce you to a climbing machine of our company.


With waist safety belt for maximum load of 169 kg;outdoor mobility, ease of movement;secure and safe to climb a building;quick folding, convenient storage in car trunk and other space.


The performance of the climbing machine is as follows.

1.High performance, low noise motor, superior battery performance, can be recharged more than 600 times.

2.The safety brake device makes the climber drive to the step edge and automatically brake to ensure the safety of climbing.

3.Easy to operate, without any wear and tear on the stairs, almost applicable to all stairs, such as wood, stone, carpet, metal and other stairs, including the spiral staircase.

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