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A range of safe and practical access solutions for Stairs
Mar 02, 2018

Today's top quality lifts include numerous features to maximize comfort, ease of use and attractiveness in the home. You try to avoid using your stairs, or worse yet, have stopped using part of your home because of the stairs. There are several measurements to take on one's staircase to determine what size stair lift unit to install. The first measurement should be the length of track from the top to the bottom of the steps. The second thing to measure is the height, tread, and width of the steps. Some stair lift companies send their employees to do the measuring themselves. Motorized chair stair climber Excited for this year's Less climb stairlift Contents what could Best sources. learn about Rated stairlifts contents and win Acorn Foundation board chair Glenn Keaney says Nicky's involvement over the past 12 years has been critical to the success of the foundation.

For a manufacturer this unique process allows the rail portion of the lift to be quickly assembled from stock components, enabling faster delivery and installation than other curved stairlift manufacturers on the market. This unique rail system means they will fit all types of staircases, and can be installed in a matter of days rather than weeks. Even the most complex staircase can be accommodated. And a slim, attractive rail attaches directly to your stairs (not the wall), so there's no damage to your home. But if there are turns or bends in your stairs path, then you would need a 'Curved' rail stairlift, a curved stairlift with a carriage that will run on curved rails (tracks) that follow the bends and curves of the staircase. If your indoor (interior) staircase stairs path runs in a curved line up the stairs, you would need an ‘Indoor Curved Rail’ stairlift. If your exterior (exterior) staircase stairs or steps path runs in a curved line up the stairs, you would need an ‘Outdoor Curved Rail’ stairlift.

If climbing the stairs or getting into your bathtub is starting to prove difficult, call us. Remove the pain and discomfort from your life by letting our team of experts help you choose from our wide selection of products. All our products are carefully selected by us so that they can help you overcome any obstacles and reduce accidents from happening in your home or office.

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